Offshore Company Formation in Dubai & RAK (UAE)

Offshore company is the term of a business organization that operates in other countries outside the judiciary of its own home country. Offshore companies are always flexible in their operations, they can integrate an adductive offshore financial center as per respective jurisdictions. One needs to follow a certain set of rules for registering themselves in an offshore jurisdiction.

Following are the requirements for an organization to register in an offshore jurisdiction:

  • If a business organization wants to incorporate or operate overseas, the company that is seeking for registration must fulfill the norms of respective country where they are willing to make expansion plans.
  • Must meet the ostensible tax expenses levied by the offshore jurisdictions.

The prime benefits for a company going offshore:-

  • The first and foremost benefit for offshore companies is tax exemption.
  • Legal and asset protection of capital i.e. a firm assurance is made by a nation for protection of capital invested by offshore companies.
  • Low maintenance and processing fee. Developing and underdeveloped nations usually charge low maintenance and processing fee from offshore companies due to large volume of investments made by these companies.
  • Protection of privacy and confidentiality assets.
  • Thin capitalization.
  • Low cost of operation.
  • Easy reporting structure.

There several advantages of establishing such a company:-

Consultancy, Professional Services, Agency: Gainful self-employed professionals and consultants can gain enormous experience apart from benefits by working as employee of offshore company, of which they may opt to be sole directors of company or they may become shareholders of that offshore company.

Employment of Expatriate Staff: Not remitting the full salary, can minimize tax deductions and avoid exchange control challenge faced in the country of temporary residence. Usually, this arrangement seems attractive to emigrant working in politically unstable countries.

Investment Companies: Offshore jurisdictions are less invasive facilitating aggressive and unrestrained financial enterprises that introduce the opportunity of global securities to the local citizens. Further, the tax benefits are incredible.


EuroConsult is a professional offshore service provider and specialising in offshore company formation in Dubai & RAK, registration of free zone companies and offshore banking in UAE.

The firm is one of the leading registered agents of RAK OFFSHORE to set up Offshore Companies.

Our experienced professionals  are carefully and continuously analysing available and emerging offshore tax havens and have selected those jurisdictions which offer the best opportunities and advantages to the clients.

In the recent times, International Business Companies (IBCs) have gained prominence, and with Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) in UAE the offshore world has been enriched with a white listed quality jurisdiction.

To know more about us and our services please contact our German consultant Markus at +971 55 218 4269.

offshore company incorporation in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)

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